About Me

Film has always been a great escape for me. Since childhood I have always loved anything in the entertainment industry. My love and passion for film began at the age of 13 when I started my first job in a video store in New York City. ​

During my High School years I was able to experiment with journalism. Then a few years later I obtained my Associates Degree in Media Studies, from La Guardia Community College, NY.
It wasn't until I interned for Big Sky Edit that I developed an appreciation, talent and love for post-production, especially for film editing. ​​ 

Throughout the years my knowledge, appreciation and respect for the film industry has grown immensely. Above all I have learned to appreciate the amount of work, that we as artists put into our craft in order to make them come to life. My goal is to continue learning every day and to grow within this amazing industry. My wish is that I bring on to others the same joy and love for film that I have experienced since I was a child. ​

Creativity, Dedication, Determination and Emotion are the four words that shape my work ethics. These four forms help me complete my art and make my work stand out through its uniqueness and form.​