The Many Faces of

Weight-loss & Fitness

The Many Faces of Weight Loss and Fitness was my first documentary. It was a very personal project due to my own struggles with weight in the past. Several difficulties emerged with this project but with dedicated people and well thought out strategies using what was accessible in a short time period it was completed. ​​ 

Using a gym with a few restriction and limited time constraints made it a bit hard but got the work done, natural lighting was used and a short crew assisted to help this turn out great. Gathering the crew, writing the questions for the interview, directing, interviewing, acting and editing this documentary turned out to be very emotional as it's a personal piece. Once the talent was set up it was a very smooth and emotional process. ​

The production was very successful given the constraints with time and having to come up with a brand new concept so fast. Directing, acting and editing this documentary was a brand new experience that was very exciting. ​

Short Video: " Brail Itinerary"

Crack of Dawn

This experimental project was selected based on the beauty of the sky, and colors during the passage of time. Time lapse is done mostly in television or sometimes in movies and wanted to experiment with time and show how lovely the sun is in the morning from a phone. ​


Experimented with the camera's tilt shift (also created a vignette), in post. and changed the shooting speed, added motion blur and changed the colors. However for this project setting the cameras tripod to the proper height and getting the right angle to capture the sunrise was the most challenging part of it all. ​

This was a great project to work on. The end product exceeded what initially envisioned. It took 4 hours to make this piece come to life but it's truly beautiful. It also shows that sometimes even with the simplest form of technology we are still able to create something that is so visually compelling.  ​ ​



Fugue was my Senior Thesis project. It was written during the Summer of 2014 and went into full production during the early Spring of 2015. The film was inspired by the Film Noir genre.

​​Directing this film and making my vision come to life was an amazing experience. From casting to setting the tone of the film, it all came to reality as thought out. It was quite a journey to come up with a solid concept while working with a team of talented artists, who helped make it a reality.

​Editing the film was an exciting process, from choosing the right flashbacks to creating the animated title sequences. With the conclusion of this film, my passion and appreciation for post production grew.