Brail Itinerary

Brail Itinerary is a short poem, written and directed by Marshall Delaney. Who tries to convey his emotions on a canvas about a girl who haunts his dreams.


"Brail Itinerary" was an interesting project to work on because of its poetic structure and the challenge of taking a cinematic approach to make the writer/director's view come to life. Creatively, it was one of the most interesting approaches I have ever done in filming. It was great to not only edit but also have an input in co-producing and set designing for this film. ​

There were two major challenges while editing this movie. The first was the use of only the art gallery's lighting during shoot, which required a few hours of color correcting. And the second was having to stabilize the entire footage, because the art gallery's floor was uneven resulting in an extremely shaky footage. ​

Death Stain

Death Stain was an experimental short that was based on a stain. Blood was the selection chosen and used around the entire film for most shots. It was shot at two different locations and it took about 13 hours to complete.      ​.      

The production relied heavily in the post production aspect to darken and set the mood of the story. Some challenges encountered were experimenting with lighting and the various effects needed that were realistic which helped the film appear more cinematic. ​  

Death Stain has been used extensively as an example amongst the freshman by the film faculty in Miami International University of Arts and Design. ​


World OutGames Miami 

This commercial was made to bring the attention of people to donate for The World OutGames. This is a cultural multi-sport event that unites various cultures and the LGBT communities around the world.​ 

The World OutGames is coming to Miami in 2017. I had the pleasure of working on the crowd-sourcing video for the company ARC + ARROW. This was a professional editing project and it has received the 2015 Silver Stevie Award for Nonprofit Video of the Year. ​